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5 Patron Goal Reached! Huzzah!

Us here at the Spiffai Emporium of Birds and Gizmos would like to make an extremely important announcement! *gong sounds* We have reached our goal of 5 patrons! We did not expect this and are absolutely floored! Sali and I are kind of freaking out right now but in a totally good and not anxiety ridden way what so ever!

With that in mind, we have printed out some mini spiff birds for these first five patrons along with a special extra gift to commemorate your amazingess! We love you all so much. We did not expect to meet this goal so soon. It fills our hearts with goopy, caramel-like joy.

Our next goal is 25 patrons. That's a big 'un! More goodies and content will be provided at that checkpoint. We don't expect that to happen any time soon, but when it does, we're gonna freak-a-leak and send y'all a bunch of prezzies. It'll be amaze-balls!

~ Alyce <3

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