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What is Spiffai?

Alyce created Spiffai studios in order to enact her life goal and childhood dream. That goal is to combine her various skills in order to contribute to the world all while consistently improving upon them. Of her many passions, the one form of media where she can fully express her varied life studies all at once is in the form of video games. Pairing that off with her wish to make the world a better place, Spiffai was created.


Alyce Rabyte

Alyce is a little spit fire demon who rose from the ashes of blood sacrifices in the early 1800s. Early in her life, she wreaked havoc upon the puny mortals she came upon. Then, one day, she met Mrs. Bias and was inspired to turn her back on her rotten ways. Now, Alyce works with Saliency to bring happy cheery goodness to all of the people in the galaxies.

Saliency Bias

Mrs. Bias is an absolutely splendid angel brought from the heavens to supply us measly mortals with masterpieces and tasty written morsels of magic.


Founder and Solo Developer

Angelic Art Helper

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